A bad (teaching) day.

And sometimes, there are not so good days.  Hellfire, brimstone, drowsiness hyperbole booyah.

Exhibit F: I woke up and hustled to my first class.  There was no writing center instructor there.  See, I’d signed up to have an instructor come in and give a 30 min. introduction workshop/presentation.   So instead, I dragged the 20 min. lecture I’d prepared (counting on the WC to fill the extra time) into an excruciating 40 min. deathmarch that went down in flames.     During office hours between the two classes, I received a tragic WC email asking where I’d been–they were expecting my class to come by.  Doh!  So I emailed back that I’d bring my second class over–but of course, my 20 min. lecture had been reset to 40 min. in my mind, and I only got halfway through before it was time to leave for the WC.  Lecture truncated, which made my students truculent.  I’d made my students write a thesis/intro paragraph for homework the night before so they’d have something to work on at the WC, as I’d signed up for the “intro workshop” when I’d originally filled out the request form.  Umm, no.  We get there, and it’s an introduction to the services the Writing Center provides.  Obviously.

Exhibit U: Also, none of my students were able to download the reading for next class.  That would be the (absolutely crucial) reading their next paper is based on.  So now I have to play chicken with the computing office/library to get that fixed.

Exhibit C: I’m three days behind on my syllabus, all my deadlines are off, and I have 40 papers I must return to them graded with comments on Wed.

Exhibit K: My poor students.  I am the most disorganized instructor ever.


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