What the Internet hates.

Namely, food blogging and poochy-lipped Facebook profile pics.  I do not hate these things.  I take a new FB pic whenever my hair changes, because such silliness makes me happy.  And haircuts are so !@#$ing pricey, even the discount ones, that I feel a day of preening is one of the few ways my ego gets to recoup the expense.

People also bitch about food blogging on the Internet, aka “I do not care what you had for dinner.”  But nay, people bitch about EVERYTHING on the Internet; why does this warrant a special note?  Well, I’ve seen more of such bitchery recently, and since this coincides with my desire to discuss everything I’ve had for dinner, some self-justification is in order.  I keep losing track of my recipes, especially the ones I really like.  What else is a blog good for but as a functional Remembral?

Without further ado…I made this. I added mushrooms and threw it over some cilantro-scallion rice, but otherwise I pretty much followed the directions (a rarity).  I also threw together a greek salad but with garbanzos in place of lettuce.  And then I made a giant chocolate sheet cake for the boyfriend’s birthday.  Now I am going to make a batch of mint simple syrup for mojitos, as the mint in my fridge is on the edge of wilt.  Day of yum.


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