I am about to see lots of it. Sacha and I are driving cross-country tomorrow, from IL to AZ. Wish us luck, as I am not very keen on cars in light of today’s events. Namely, prophetic dreams are creepy. I woke up this morning after having a dream so vivid I wrote it down (this happens, oh, twice a month or so?). It involved my friend Patty (who I am fairly sure I have never seen cry…maybe once?) sobbing uncontrollably over some unnameable sadness, followed immediately by an elaborate wedding. Woke up this morning to Patty coming over for a goodbye coffee, only to find out she’d witnessed this. Like, she was on the streetcorner across from it–had just had her picture snapped by the photographer. I am grateful that she walked away unharmed, concerned for the victims of the crash, and mildly spooked. Mortality brushes up against us in strange ways.


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