Have done.

So the sekrit 2011 Clarion getting-to-know-you blog has featured prompts for the past ten weeks. I have been trying to keep up, though my rate of story production is slooooow. I did a tally, though. Five new drafts based on prompts. I’ve skipped (or been dissatisfied with my concepts for) half the prompts, but I’m still rather shocked to see all these shiny new stories lined up in my Clarion file. The tragedy is that none of them are submittable to Clarion, as we’ll be expected to produce a new story a week while we’re there. Which is a good thing on the one hand (moar stories I can submit) and bad on the other–I can’t afford to take a workshop next year on top of exams, so I’ll likely be sitting on these stories for a while before I can get them critted. And I do find critting to be crucial for me–I struggle to spit-shine work on my own. I can’t SEE the damn thing until I’ve let it rest for a few months, at which point I hate it on sight, making it difficult to revise, let alone send out. Perhaps my Clarion backup team will do a few reads, once I’ve wrangled the drafts into stories worth critting.

My Clarion backup team: Rhin, Farkas, Patty P. Possibly Jess and Dan P., if they’re willing. I’m hoping I can get at least one pass on just about everything I write for Clarion, pre-workshop-throwdown. And without burning out any one reader–“Here are six stories! I will need four hour turnaround on these! Godspeed!”

I’m getting excited, though. Packing. Working like a fiend to make all the monies I can. Working out like a fiend, too–haven’t missed a day at the gym since Vegas. Best summer ever, thusfar. We hopess it continuesss, my preciousss.

And the novel. Oh, the novel. I still love it, and love working on it, and wish I could write it all the time. This latest outline revision is leagues ahead of our draft of three years ago, at any rate. Writing my way through it, hoping this is The One.


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