Workshop was splendid. I have revision path laid out for the story, and feedback was shockingly favorable—I have high hopes that this story will also sell, once I wrangle it and get the boring bits out. Apparently humorous form pieces are marketable, or something. Although I admit to playing it very, very safe with this story—I’m going to try to stretch toward risk in the next submission round.

Signed up for the gym yesterday but did not go, because: sleep, it is not for chumps. Wound up napping through what ought to have been my workout time, but I kept waking myself up with the shivers.

I’ve been sleeping terribly—partly from anxiety due to having to produce a story/getting story workshopped the following day, and partly just body acclimation to a new place. I also still haven’t managed a workout routine. This all came to a head yesterday, and I almost got violently ill on the walk from workshop to the cafeteria. Too much caffeine and adrenaline. Several Clarionauts stuffed me with food and water ‘til I stopped looking pale and like I was about to keel over.

Why the no sleep? See: shivers, above. My room is frigid, degrees colder than the main area, and much chillier than other people’s rooms. A Clarionaut with car (angel of mercy) took me to buy a comforter last night, and lo an behold, I crashed out instantaneously. Finally, FINALLY got a full, solid night’s sleep. I’m even planning to go to the gym in the afternoon, after my instructor meeting.

What is this, you ask? Well, we get half-hour meetings with each instructor to discuss our work, goals, life, etc. My first instructor meet is with Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and I’m awfully excited. She’s just a darling human being. And I bought the sequel to Fistful of Sky last night, so I have some weekend pleasure-reading ahead of me. Yay!

Also, a sweet-ass link by Ursula K. LeGuin.


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