Why is everything so awesome and covered in kittens? Nina told me to send out a story that I thought was dead in the water. As is, she said. And I think he’ll buy it, she said (about the editor of said magazine). I hope, hope, hope she’s right! Now I need to buy myself a manila envelope and some stamps…

The message is clear: I need to stop sitting on things and send my shit out, which I am SO not good at doing. Start racking up those rejections. But wow has it been an encouraging week! My atrophied little soul ballooning…

This morning, I woke up to an email from one of my fellow Clarionauts. See, I’d had a research question about Faerie mythos. So he emailed his friend, Holly Black, and I got a response to my question from Holly Black (which Holly Black? This one) in my in-box this morning. It is so effing cool to have famous people who are doing work I care about on the speed-dial of friends I now know IRL.
Tonight I will read all the things, and draft the first chunk of a sequel to my Cthulhu story (I do believe I have planned out a Cthulhu Quartet that explores four of the five forms discussed in Rhetorics of Fantasy). Then I will have a Scotch, and possibly call home and/or some friends, and/or my BF, if he’s about. And then I will sleep the warm sleep, and do it all over again tomorrow.


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