Less terrified.

Relaxed Sunday is relaxed. Exercised with Clarionauts, chilled with Clarionauts, held an impromptu workshop with Clarionauts–of stories that we’d written pre-Clarion and did not plan to submit. I love that on my day off here, we randomly hold a three-hour crit session just for the fun of it.

I tragically scrapped the Cthulhu novelette for sanity reasons (will revisit, time permitting) and now have a 1,500 word lit-fic treacle tart that I am unduly fond of–first readers, this will be incoming soon. I must to bed so I can exercise at 6:30 and be raring to go for the Scalzi-ing. The stories for tomorrow, they are HE-MAN STRONG, and I do hope that my lovely colleagues survive un-charred. Had an awesome conversation with DJP over Scotch, too, and he reminisced while I giddied. It will be a different feel with every instructor, DJP warned, and frankly, I look forward to it. Nina was lovely, and Scalzi will be something else illuminating. Onward and upward.

But my darling Bolander, if you ship me with Yakob Smirnoff one more time…a murder of crows, I tell you. A murder!


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