Open mouth sores.

Ugh. I’ve had them since I got to Clarion, and they keep migrating and refusing to heal. I know it’s just stress, but the instructor shift plus that abortive story attempt have left me pretty ragged. And then my new piece for this week is an emotional shit-show, leaving me wrecked every time I have to sustain focus on it. I just hope it coheres and I actually have something on the other side of these rather punishing past few days. Gonna need another trip to the beach this weekend, that’s for sure.

In other news, Happy 4th! We watched fireworks from off the cafeteria balcony while Scalzi cracked wise. His wife and kid are just as adorable in RL as they are in his blog pictures. Tomorrow, gym at 6:30am. What is wrong with me? When’d I become a high-functioning, exercising, writing cyborg? At least I’m back to boozing it up somewhat; I’m still more like a drink a night, but I’m not going to try to cold turkey my way through Clarion. That drink tastes WAY too good by the time those 100-some pages are read and all my crits are down.
Also, DJP is a godsend. That is all.


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