Then there were three.

So yet another person announced a pub while at Clarion. This is such a talented group of geeks, man…love love love. My crit was kind of an epic fail on my part, but oh well. I knew it was the wrong story for this week, but I had nothing else, and I don’t know if me at this point in time could have written the right story for this week. Meh. Ultimately it was an interesting series of lessons learned, and I promise I will be less vague about the whole thing when Clarion’s over and the (requested by the higher-ups) cone of silence is removed. I’m really looking forward to Bear. So many of us (and I do count myself in this) made huge leaps forward from last week to this, and that’s effing exciting to see. We all keep challenging each other to do better, be more ambitious, suck less.
Tonight should be a blowout drunkfest, but tomorrow: the ocean. And me calling all the friends and family I’ve been neglecting, finally.
I have an SF idea for this week, but the science terrifies me, which is probably a reason to just go for it. Wheeeeeee!


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