Ocean breeds Elder Gods.

Walked all the way to the ocean and back yesterday–about 40 min. each way. And it’s good to know that it’s that easily walkable, because I want to go to the beach at least once a week, and not being dependent on others with cars is a really, really good thing.
I think I may have salvaged the abandoned Cthulhu story from last week, which is both bad and good. Good, because it is out of my comfort zone and therefore I will learn lots. Bad, because in abandoning it and then salvaging it, I borrowed a few of the brains of my fellow Clarionauts to brainstorm me through the narrows, which means I’ve blown some crits (at least three people will already know the major plot twist going into the read). However, I couldn’t have even written the piece without their help. If the goal of Clarion is THE WORK, then I’m fine. But if the goal is THE PROCESS, then I fear I’ve broken the rules and will face consequences. Bear may give me a terrifying frown of disappointment, in which case I will be sad.
Bear. She is so lovely I may die. Showed up late last night and proceeded to rock out with all of us in the common room until all hours. However, I am full of first-impression fail. I got a Cthulhu scene to work and was super jazzed about it–the story! It is saved! Also, it was a sex scene, which I almost never write. So. I wander over to the common room, beer in hand, and announce (triumphant): “I HAVE WRITTEN SMUT! WOOO!” My brain blips: “Hey, who’s that new person over in the corner? Is that someone’s visiting girlfriend/wife/sig. other?” Then my brain groks the fail: “That’s Elizabeth Bear. Way to go, me.”
Thankfully her riposte involved “yay smut!” so hopefully I have not yet burned all the bridges.
Sigh. Need to stop being loud and obnoxious. Brain sez: “Yeah, that’ll happen…never.”
Also, I have taken John Scalzi’s advice and purchased a domain name of my very own. About time, no? The new address is http://brookejulietwonders.com/; if you are following the Clarionblogging (and if you are here, I assume you are…thanks for stopping by!), please change bookmarks accordingly.

Love and kittens,


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