Soon I will have all the words.

So one of roommates told me he’d join Twitter if I pounded out my first draft this evening. I love a challenge.
Made a mad crazy dash for the finish line this evening, and I have a down draft complete at 7,200 words. This will prove necessary, as I turn in Wed. @ 5pm. for a Thursday morning crit with Bear, and I have many revisions to go ’til morning.
This story is so far out of my element that I’m not even sure what to do with it, but even though I think it’s a train wreck, I’ve learned an enormous amount executing the fail. Downside, though–because I don’t actually think it’s saleable, I feel rather sorry for my poor colleagues who have to suffer through its length. Oh well. I have yet to submit anything much over 3,000 words, and I rarely write stories this long, so this will likely be my only epic submit (emphasis on EPIC). They’ll manage.
Tomorrow, I revise like the wind, and pray that I can wrangle a few of my genre readers to give it a copyedit pass. Pretty much everyone is secretly (or not-so-secretly) sending drafts to first readers, friends, or significant others, so while I feel some trepidation posting on a public forum that I’m using first readers, that ship has pretty much sailed. Didn’t even know I was breaking the rules ’til it was too late.
Yeah. Draft is full of plot holes, but Bear ran a sweet plot-building workshop today, and I used that to wrangle out the worst of the tension issues (I hope). It will be an…interesting crit. I have NEVER period dot submitted a story like this one to any workshop, ever. Which is exactly why I’m here at Clarion.

My roommate is now on Twitter, and he is awesome clever, and you should all friend him: @JamesWillBrady.

Night, all!


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