I am in love with Acacia. It singlehandedly brought me back to epic fantasy. So of course for next week, for yet another instructor whose brilliance terrifies me and who I’m desperate to impress, I’m going to write a character/plot-driven objective correlative race/class/gender SF piece that’s totally out of my element. *sigh* Pity that “stretch and take risks!” as mantra is not compatible with “also don’t suck.” But I really believe in this particular controlling simile, even if it’s been done before, and Bear gave us a billion quick and dirty plot and character trix that I’m chomping to try out on a real live story. And both she and Scalzi hammered my weaknesses, which at mo are characters and their (nonexistent or implausible) motivations. So, for the rest of Clarion: characters who drive plot. No more gimmicks, no more liminal ciphers. Character or bust, baby.
Also, if anyone has writer tools to share that belong in the Tarot deck (referenced in the previous post), I’d love to hear them. Wheeeee!
Cannot wait for crit tomorrow. The stories, they are phenomenal. Prepping for crit was like reading an anthology personalized to my taste. These people better all pub stuff, so I can read them/stalk them. Forever.


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