Bears are dangerous.

Bear was a terrific instructor, and this has been a great week, but (rules for neophytes)…

Never, ever get into a game of Never Have I Ever with Elizabeth Bear. I drank far more than I intended, and today is a lost day. At some point, perhaps my stomach will be able to handle water. Grrr. No ocean for me, either. Although if I can pull myself together by this evening, a pile of people are going to see the new HP. Dunno if I’ll manage it at this point, though. This is first real blowout I’ve participated in while at Clarion, and it should probably be my last–I forget how NOT fun it is the following day. Beer and vodka do not mix well. And during these six weeks, none of us can afford to lose a day. This week’s submission will suffer for this hangover.

Now I am going to crawl back to bed and continue regretting my terrible life choices.

And here are some art noveau prints of Firefly, to keep you occupied while I’m boring.


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