Just got back from COMICON–OMFGSQUEEE!! Above: the Game of Thrones rickshaw, me and the Tardis, the Joker’s costume from Dark Knight (you’re welcome, Rich), and Joey Comeau from a Softer World.

Best moment of day: Wandering around all the publisher exhibitions with David Anthony Durham while he consumed a free Bloody Mary from the Tor booth. “That’s GRRM’s editor,” he says, etc. etc.
Second-best moment of day: being all like, “is that Joey Comeau from the Interwebs? It IS!” and then digging through the small selection of prints at the stand, and finding my all-time favorite one. This would be the comic that I discovered while reading the archives, in the month or so post-Rob-death–the one that was all like “grief sucks, but here, have some hope.” The alt-text is what makes it suicide-relevant, and oh, my little broken heart, it helped at the time. So I bought the print, and got it signed, and I will frame it and hang it in my apartment in Chicago when I get home. Dreamy day. Just dreamy.


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