Against all odds.

So I planned to submit a “trunk story” this week. Yes, yes, I know, once again I am all like “Clarion rules don’t apply to me meh.” Except that everybody’s been burning out in Week 5 and submitting drafts built from those lovely prompts that went up on the Clarion blog all through May and June. Now, these are not necessarily trunk stories…but I’d be willing to bet much of the plotting, if not early drafting, occurred pre-Clarion. All this to say, there was precedent.
Over the weekend I was working furiously on yet another immersive fantasy piece, only I had not yet figured out that it was in fact immersion. Monday morning, while brainstorming, I realized what the damn thing was. Spit, cursed, hissed, and threw that fucker out with the bathwater. Started something new based on an old idea I’d had pre-Clarion. Story came together in 24 hours, just like my first piece (the fairy tithe story from way back in week 1….god, that feels like ages ago). I am thrilled to have a new story, even a weak one. Is a form piece, but I know I haven’t pushed the form anywhere near as far as it needs to go to justify its existence. And the original prompt has become something of an albatross and will likely need to be excised. Still, new draft is new draft, and I am pleased.
The pre-nostalgia has already hit, and we are deep into permanent night. I can feel a cold coming on; I Nyquil-ed myself to sleep last night, and one of roommates is also down sick, along with half the class. I want to go to the gym, but I’m scared to push myself, because I CANNOT miss my critique tomorrow.
Despite all this, though, I am frighteningly happy. I rather don’t want to go home…having people feed me and clean my house for me and pretty much let me alone to write what I like has been a pleasure. I’ll be sad when it ends. And I’m dreading going back to exam year, six weeks behind. Bleargh.
But I’m not going to think about that. Remain in the present, self.
Will post the aftermath of crit tomorrow…it’ll likely be a debacle, as Kessel and Kij terrify me, and they don’t pull any punches. This is a weak-ass skeletal draft, and I’ll likely be torn to pieces. You crit the piece you have, not the piece you wish you had. <–mantra
As usual, shout-outs are owed to Farkas and Rhin. You two are awesome-sauce.


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