Perfect day Elise.

Yesterday was a perfect day. Crit went unbelievably well–Kessel and Kij had helpful things to say about the piece, but they also both made a point to emphasize that they liked it, which warmed the cockles of my cold little heart. The word “magnificent” was used. *dies* I am absurdly excited to revise this one–and Kij gave me the key that unlocked the entire end. These people, they are so brilliant. My individual meeting with Kessel went phenomenally well, and I was both encouraged, and left feeling like things would work out in due time. I am in no rush. Exams and dissertation really do excite me beyond all rational reason, though.

Went out to delicious sushi dinner (mmm Sayuri), though I missed an evening lecture (planning fail on my part…got the notes from my roommate later).
I’d sent my Ponies homage story to Kij a few days back, and we had the most adorable email exchange in which I gushed and she politely tolerated my gushing.
It was a Felix Felicis day, liek whoa. <–DORK


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