Go away I’m dyeing.

Yesterday, saw Cowboys and Aliens with a mess of Clarionauts plus Kessel, and it was ungodly awful and I never want to see it again so help me. Was made slightly more amusing by the presence of good friends, but damn. Wow. Dialogue? Why would a movie need decent dialogue? My brain, it hurt. However, we did get pho and bahn mi at an adorable Vietnamese place immediately prior, which made up in great part for the awfulness of the movie.
Today, we went to the ocean, and then I dyed my hair black. I have never had black hair. I am, thus far, enamored. Had planned to hairdye the first week of Clarion in some kind of epic dye-party–showed up, and a few people had come pre-dyed (Bolander: red, Worrad: platinum, Annie: blue) but on the whole peeps were recalcitrant about the whole silly tradition. I love me some silly traditions. So, going into week 6 (dubbed the week of marshmallow rain by our resident soothsayer), I wandered down to the grocery store and got hairdye. My roommate applied it, and I split the bottle with another Clairionaut, so I even have a twin!
And now we’re in the final week, and I am sad sad sad. I have a story idea so ambitious I may ultimately bail on it, but at this point I have five new stories totaling over 20,000 words, and I feel like I got my $$s worth. Also, six instructors with whom I hope to have ongoing professional relationships. And best of all, 18 fabulous crit buddies who will happily read all the genre writing I produce. I could not be more pleased.
I remain slightly under the weather; the ocean salinated my nostrils pleasantly, but I keep coughing. Drank two basil-lime margaritas tonight to cauterize my throat. Can only hope I’ll be feeling well tomorrow, finally.
I have a few hours before bed, and I ought use them to write. Dark carnival form piece ahoy!
Pic of new hair, for your amusement:

Gothly hair is gothly.


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