New story, I has one.

Was not planning to submit this week. I am going to miss all these people so, so much that I’d figured on socializing rather than hiding in my room wrangling words. But a slight little flash showed up, and I’d rather throw that down than nothing. Plus this means I’ve written 6 new stories, which to me at least counts as “winning” Clarion.
Swam naked at a nudie beach today, which I hadn’t done in a very long time. Places where the sun don’t shine and all that jazz. We brought down vodka lemonade and I wish we’d stayed til sunset. Maybe we can go again tomorrow, and stay late, since my draft is basically done.
Am already heartbroken as this experience winds to a close. I have no idea how to return to real life. I have never felt more disenchanted with the drudgery of normalcy. All the more reason to work my ass off this year, get to the other side of comps, and return to this crazy writing life.


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