Back in Chicago.

I am home and unmoored. The plane ride was a horrorshow–my flight out of SD got delayed five times before I made it to Phx. Thankfully, my wonderful friend Rose saved the day, and I was able to crash at her place overnight and fly to Chicago Sunday morning. Even my luggage made it through. Insanity.
Large changes are afoot, and they are not appropriate for posting a public forum, so I’m going to pull a Nikki and self-censor for the good of everyone concerned. I think all of these changes will ultimately be for the good, but it’s going to be a difficult year, and not just because of exams. So if I am unusually whiny over the coming weeks, know that there’s subterranean shit getting real over in Girlwondersland.
Despite all that, or perhaps because of it, the past few days have reminded me how very, very lucky I am. I have the best damn friends and family–support network of the gods. Spent yesterday evening sipping vodka with Patty and Meg, and I’m about to head out to the Field Museum for a day of hijinks. Meeting up with a few colleagues tomorrow to plan our comp panel, and I’m already setting out my semester schedule (Mondays I’ll be on campus from 10am to 9pm, ugh). No downtime for this girl.
Even so, I return to a city I love, to study things I love, with people I adore. It’s a dreamlife I’m living, and that makes it easier to reintegrate after the Neverland of Clarion. I miss Neverland, but Oz ain’t so bad.


2 thoughts on “Back in Chicago.

  1. Oh man, five delays? I’m so sorry, and I’m glad you actually made it out without having to sacrifice a kidney or something. You do have all your kidneys, right?

    I’m glad your support network wins. 😀

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