Initial impressions.

Found a funny document today as I worked through filing my Clarion notes. I’d printed out the contact spreadsheet in preparation for my first days of Clarion, and at the bottom had handwritten notes to help myself remember everyone’s names. The women didn’t get little notes, because between splitting cab fare with four of them and there being fewer women than men, I learned their names faster than the guys. But the guys all got code-descriptions so I could memorize their faces faster. Behold, what I first thought upon meeting each of the Men of Clarion:

Josh: computer guy–got me connected to the printer. Also, Flight of the Conchords–yay!
Tim: Dickens cap plus SMBC shirt FTW
James: the blonde Brit. Spike!
Chris: long red hair plus red beard = Viking! Australian Viking.
Andy: curly red hair = Other Viking! Texas Viking.
Todd: identical to Richard Burt [one of my very best Flagstaff friends, now of KC].
Mark: totally unassuming, but cute.
Jim B.: roommate; stream-of-consciousness boy. Also totally unassuming, but cute.
Dennis: [apparently I memorized him right away–he didn’t get a silly blurb. Sorry, Dennis. Instead, I will note my favorite Dennis story. That being, the one time in the common room when he was sitting right behind me and out of nowhere said, “and if I make an incision from here to here…” This occurring a week after the famous Dennis flensing story. *shudders* Phenomenal horror writer, Dennis. ALSO TERRIFYING.]

Take all these with large grains of salt; clearly, you all became much more than these initial impressions over the six weeks we were all together. But hey, I was amused and figured I’d share.


9 thoughts on “Initial impressions.

  1. Ha, I remember distinctly being worried that my “get everyone on the network and talking to printers” assistance would push me right into being “that computer geek” in everyone’s head. (Flight of the Conchords reference notwithstanding — I literally have no memory of mentioning anything to do with FotC on day one… hm…)

    Ah well. I am sure we were all of us doing exactly the same thing, but most of us didn’t write our notes down… Very funny to see them now.

  2. Oh Josh, I KNEW I was going to get myself in trouble with yours. You made some FotC reference during your introduction. But yeah, your computer help was (memorably) much appreciated.

    • Ha! No worries. You know what? I would so much rather be the computer-y guy among my group of writers, than the writer-y guy among my group of computer geeks. That is in fact exactly the choice I have made, and so far it is awesome, so hey.

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally refered to Jake as “matched luggage” in my notes for the first two weeks. Everyone else I was keeping straight via a world map in my head and where they were from. 😀

  4. Spike? Wow! Had I have known that was going through people’s heads I’d have played up to it. Mind you, I wouldn’t have lasted long in the Cal heat wearing a leather jacket…

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