The semester is nigh and I have too much work and too little time to do it in. Am desperately waiting for two brilliant colleagues to email me their syllabuses so I have a jumping-off point for building my composition course. So much wasted work, that nonfiction syllabus sitting in my UIC folder, whispering “teach me! You want to teach me!”
I read the two suicide books WBM assigned me, and they are OMFG fascinating. Sociology v. psychology as frame, with a strange throughline investigating the suicides of artists to make a claim that there’s an ineffable link between creation and self-murder. I am still cogitating, but I need to produce a response over the next few days, and I’m not sure which angle to take. Probably something to do with nonfiction, since one is clearly in that vein while the other keeps a distanced, rational science-tone that arguably serves the material less effectively. Durkheim pretty much dismisses ALL OF PHILOSOPHY in a single paragraph. So many thoughts.
I am so excited to audit prosem it’s a bit absurd. Have wanted to take a class from WBM for two years now, and finally seeing the course reading list, it’s nearly all books relevant to my exam paper. I just hope I can keep up with the brilliant incoming PhD-ers; is a class of six people this year, even smaller than our tiny cohort of eight.
Already the Clarion-excitement ebbs as real life (not that academia’s real life, but still) trickles back in. I know I should be revising stories right now, and I do think I’ll turn to that soon. I’m playing catchup with my social world, too–so many people in Chicago I’ve missed all summer, and I want to see them all before the semester gut-punches us. Doesn’t help that I’m broke as hell–spent way too much $ at (and on) Clarion and am paying for it now. Oh well. It was an idyll, and totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “Nonsensical.

  1. I am also broke (thanks Chicago hailstorm) and also want to have fun before the gut-punching commences. S. mentioned a game night and I think that’s a good, cheap idea for our cohort to see each other soon.

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