This syllabus is kicking my butt. I’ve wound up picking the U.S. education system as a theme, mostly because all things to do with creative writing or literature are verboden, and also because two of my awesome colleagues have a T/Th syllabus already built for it. Now I have to convert it to M/W/F. Did I mention that these syllabuses clock in at 20-30 pages long? Tedium is tedious. Did a massive brainstorm of possible themes: public art, community (theme of my first syllabus attempt and made of fail), multigenre (I still want to do this but am struggling to find a core text and theme; couldn’t do it in the time I have). Suffice to say, education seemed easy and possible. I think I have most of my course readings selected and my four projects, but the class is just…well, it’s boring. The original I’m working from isn’t it, but my expansion, adding in that extra day each week? It’s taking a well-built course and bloating it. Gross. But I have no clue how it’ll go til I try it since I’ve never taught this course before. Ugh. I swore if I got one of these courses I’d spend the summer building a solid course reader and a real syllabus. And now I have to slapdash something together with duct tape and twine, and it depresses me. Especially since I had a perfectly lovely course all built and ready to go, before it got canceled. I am still so bummed.
Ate oysters with Farkas at the cheapcheap oyster place, prior to visiting his adorable apartment to borrow all the exam books in the world. And he made me a rye and soda with a splash of bitters, which is the most delicious drink ever and I must procure the ingredients, someday when I’m no longer broke. So much to do before school begins. Need to read a chunk of Ulysses and Bloomsday book this week, along with writing up my responses to Durkheim/Alvarez and McGurl. I don’t want to do those too far in advance for fear I’ll forget critical details prior to presentation. Which really leaves me with a billion smaller exam texts I could peruse, and probably should. Once the syllabus is done, I need to build myself a faux-syllabus of my exam readings to stick to. Otherwise I fear slackerdom. And mixed in with that, a revision schedule. Reread Feral House, and I can already see some revision paths. Perhaps I’ll sit down with that, tonight or tomorrow morning.
At least there are groceries in the house, and I’ve established a running/exercise routine, and I’m still getting up at 8 each morning. Chicago, I am going to routinize you, and you are going to help me pass my exams and revise and submit all the things. Cool? Cool.


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