The salad knows what you need.

Eat me, I'm delicious.

The salad loves you.

Tonight I made the salad. I dreamed about this salad while eating Clarion cafeteria food. I could eat it every day and never get bored. It is the salad to end all salads, and I make a double batch and it’s still gone in two days. Tastes like magic.


red and yellow pepper, chopped
cucumber, cubed
three cloves garlic
quarter red onion
five stems mint, chopped
baby spring greens
block of feta
kalamata olives
Newman’s Own olive oil and vinegar
toasted pita chips

It is divine. I am on my second bowl alongside a Corona Light with lime. Happy Sunday night, me. I have done nothing to deserve such excess: cleaned haphazardly, played on the Internet, fiddled with the syllabus, called home. I did get an espresso maker at a garage sale, and lo it makes a perfect cappuccino and I am delighted. Beyond that, a relaxing day. I need to let myself enjoy good food and relaxation. I’m so terrified of impending semester and impending life that I keep forgetting that I’m still post-Clarion reeling, and that it’s okay to take a day, or even a half-day, off. No one’s going to die if the syllabus isn’t done by Wednesday.
If it’s not done by the following Monday, though…heads will roll.


2 thoughts on “The salad knows what you need.

  1. Predictably enough, my very Greek mother-in-law has very strong opinions about salads of this sort. Her strongest opinion is that no piece of lettuce is ever supposed to come into contact with it and that thinly sliced red onions make all the difference (that picture could be of any numbers of salads she’s proudly presented over the years). This is one of the few issues we are able to bond over. Hurrah for amazing salads! And man, those tomatoes look amazing.

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