First day.

Today I meet my new students–all 23 of them. And I also get my first chance to watch WBM in action (outside of colloquium, anyway). This is all very exciting. I do wish I’d managed to wake up early and run, but when my day’s this long, I figure I need sleep more than the post-exercise endorphins to get me through. I have packed a lunch/dinner (always depressing…the state of my lunchbox warns me of the length of this day), and Matt woke up early with me to make mushroom-Swiss scramble for breakfast. Hope it sticks to my ribs, or I’ll be dipping into the lunchbox before noon. Have to parcel out the food across the day (is it silly that the food-planning stresses me more than the teaching? No?).
Teaching has never been stressful, not really, not since I very first started, anyway. It’s mostly performance, which I equate with theater and improv and other things I adore. I love the first day, love getting to know my new crop, love being back on a college campus, love the sound of my brain whirring up to ReadAllTheThings. I’m definitely more stressed than usual, but…eh, who I am I kidding? This time last year, Matt moved to Chicago. Year before that, I moved to Chicago. This time of year is never easy. Am just grateful to all the family and friends I’ve gotten to see/am about to get to see, because you people are getting me through. Now I must go to work. But it’s the fun kind of work.


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