Week one.

I have completed it and am now very very sleepy. Got trapped on the train coming home from campus–a fire in the Loop ground the CTA down to a standstill. Somehow made it to piece anyway, and snagged beer and frozen yogurt with cohort. I do love my here people muchly, and I missed them this summer, despite the rapture that was Clarion.

Best part of school restart: being back in the classroom. I forget how much I love teaching until I’m doing it again. I still have a fair amount of prep work to do on my class, mostly getting all my readings pdf’d and up on my website, and building a wall of grading rubrics to make my life easier later.

Progress toward exams:
–Read Flaubert’s Parrot; still need to take notes. Liked it muchly. Awesome formal choices: competing chronologies, a dictionary, a where’s-Waldo puzzle. Many forms to steal.
–Still keep nitpicking at the Michaels responses. I’m imagining I’ll wait until after this Monday so I can get the lay of the land. I’ll be able to watch four people present, and perhaps that’ll give me a better sense of what I ought be observing.
–Submitted prelim paperwork to secure this semester’s credits.
–Emailed draft of prelim list to outstanding committee member and verbally touched base with 3/5 of my people.

Baby steps. Internal motivation. No accountability to anyone but myself. Thus far, exam year appears to manageable but terrifying. That’s all fine–manageable but terrifying is exactly what I need to make myself work.

Also, I started Dance with Dragons and am 100 pages in. So…that’ll get finished this weekend… Pity it’s not on the exam list, LAWL.


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