Sad times at Bedford Falls

Many of you are aware of this, but today Matt moved out of our Chicago apartment. We’ve been planning this for nearly a month, discussing how to separate as kindly as possible with as little damage done to him and me and our circle of friends as we can manage. And this afternoon was the official doomsday. He’s moved in with some lovely Chicago friends of his, into an awesome place, and he’s working at a coffeeshop and doing mad crazy theater stuff and life is looking great for him. I’m thrilled he’s staying in Chicago for the duration.

To elliptically answer the inevitable questions: Yes, this was my fault and my doing; I take full responsibility. Matt did nothing wrong. There was no knock-down drag-out fight, no explosion, no nothing; I just came to some realizations about my life going forward, and sadly, this meant making some decisions that couldn’t include Matt. He remains a dear friend, a person I have deep respect for, and someone I will always adore for his kindness and huge heart and the joyful past few years we’ve spent together. So. Any anger, please direct to my complaint box, not his.

I think that’s about all. Large transitions are afoot in my life. This is one of many. Hopefully they will be all to the good, for me and for those I love, Matt included.

Mary Hatch, signing off.


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