Try something new that scares you.

The brother visit has thus far been a blast and is like to get even better–tonight he gets to meet a whole pile of my Chicago friends thanks to Chris F.’s birthday party. Yesterday we went to the Art Institute and Russian Teatime with Sacha, and then wandered around State St. and the Cultural Center til we got bored. Had quesadillas at home, drank a few beers, and then went out to the concert my brother was so stoked about.

You guys, this thing was madcrazy. I’d wondered what the hell kids these days did for fun (like, what my students might get up to of a weekend, for instance), and apparently they are dancing til the middle of the night in mammoth sweaty music halls, to DJ spinny stuffs. I think I danced for four hours or so? It was deathly warm, and very Tucson/Phx style in that people wore…very little clothing. I felt like a pedophile at 29, for sure. But it was so fabulous dancing and drinking with the brother, seeing what his scene is like. And he knows it, and knows all the characters and all the music, and before we left my apartment for the venue, he played me a set he DJ’d back home, and I got to be all proud and slightly in awe of him. This massive world five blocks down from me that I never knew existed. There were like 1000 people raging for hours, and this was just the afterparty for the main event. Totally nuts.

I think my favorite was Sebastian, who had a whole French-dictator gimmick that cracked me up. At one point, enormous WWII-style propaganda posters descended from the ceiling. And the visuals behind the DJ were subliminal message disturbing. And the music? If it’d been played at a goth club, I’d have assumed it was industrial noise straight out of Germany. Much untzing was had by all.
So of course now I’m sleep deprived and slightly hungover, which is not the best because today is the day Jim arrives in town. Going to attempt to clean myself up, maybe take an afternoon nap, and then: let the wild rumpus begin!


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