A creature of lists.

No one likes blogposts that are essentially to-do lists. Okay, except maybe me, because I adore lists. I make lists of lists. I only do things if they involve the checking off of things on a list. Problem: I am in the midst of like twenty different things. I have not had a day off in…forever? I have had scattered hours off here and there, but those scarcely count. So I feel hideously unaccomplished, even though I have been in nonstop work mode for days. It hardly seems fair. Here, a list of things I have actually worked on in the past two weeks, just to remind myself that I am not, in fact, an abject failure.

–finished Flaubert’s Parrot and wrote about it
–finished To the Lighthouse
–read 250pgs. of Ulysses and 200pgs. of Bloomsday book
–Mile 8 organized
–Michael Fried read (and I get two more Fried books on Wed. to read for Monday)
–read most of nonsite, which I now get to reread and write about for next week (yay! no seriously, I’m really excited to write about affect theory. finally.)
–graded almost all my 160 papers (must finish today, sheesh)
–have gone to gym or gone for a run 6/7 days of the week. What??
–built detailed 160 plan for Wed.
–read Ulysses stuffs Farkas sent out
–made wall of breakfast burritos for friends
–shopped for food and kept self fed (why is this so hard? And it counts for so little…)
–revised Cthulhu story (the Clarion submission story) and sent it out for crits

To do:
–work through next 160 unit and make sure I have all the materials prepped
–clean my !@#$ing apartment
–start building argument for next week’s Michaels paper
–finish those papers
–call Rhin, because I miss chatting, and I have been remiss
–read the next chunk of Ulysses/Bloomsday
–take clothes to thrift store
–go to fabric store/make furniture cover/curtains
–make tea eggs w/ farmer’s market eggs
–start revising feral house
–do something fun, for the love of god.

I’m sure things are missing on both lists. Okay. Just looking at these is making me feel better. End pointless blogpost.


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