Heb code.

Ugh, am sick. On the weekend, too, and a weekend during which I must write a paper. Not cool, body. Not cool. I read Ulysses on a Friday night because I felt too awful to stay awake. Today, more reading, plus all the cooking in the world. I’m on a strange cooking kick–all I want to do is make food. Which is great, because eating in = money saved, but bad because I never leave the house anymore except for school. This week, Vietnamese-style sandwiches w/ teriyaki salmon, Brianna’s famous stuffing, baked apples, crepes (carmelized onion/swiss/shroom and salmon/caper, plus the usual Nutella and lemon curd ones), caprese salad. I am VERY EXCITED TO EAT ALL THIS. I should be writing instead. I should be reading instead. Am waiting for one more round of revision notes on Cthulhu, at which point hopefully I’ll be within a few revisions sending that one out, finally. My routines are still off, but apparently my Get Excited and Make Stuff funnybone is working again. Maybe that means a revision phase is around the corner?

Now if I can just get well, so I can accomplish all the things. Oy, body! Cooperate!



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