Go away I’m dyeing.

Okay, THIS is why I let my hair grow out into its natural color. I am home dyeing my hair black on a Sat. night. My boringness, it knows no bounds. Although I did manage to read moar Ulysses and cook two fancy meals and exercise and revise a story that is CLEARLY TRYING TO KILL ME.
Seriously, story. We need to talk. Please just work, okay? I am done with revising you down dark alleys, into dead ends, whereupon you flee over a convenient fence and I’m left scrambling to find the most recent unrevised draft so I can start over from scratch. This cannot persist, or I’m going to need to abandon you. Which would be sad, because the three revision passes I’ve done on this piece represent the sum total of my writing since returning from Clarion.
Exams, they are also trying to kill me. Other than that life is splendid, though. Meeting with adviser went…if not well, exactly, then at least hopeful. I just need to read my two lists (history of nonfic and experimental fic) this semester so that I’m prepped to write the paper over Winter Break.
Farkas did a glorious job on his job talk, and I learned much about how to make that process go well. I only hope I can get my work to where it needs to be between now and my own job talk. Because his talk went well on the strength of a truly awesome story, IMHO. It gave people tons of smart stuff to ask questions about. Have got to get more experimentation into my dull memoir blues. Writing all the fabulist fiction this summer ought help with that, no?
In other news, I am going to visit Rhin in Missou over Thanksgiving. We will read and write and talk high theory and this is totally what counts as fun in my life. these days, sigh. And I also need to buy tix to Buenos Aires to see the fam in the very near future, before prices skyrocket. Whereupon I will study Spanish and read all the Borges and be the happiest girl alive.
Just need to get through the oncoming months…

Go away, I'm dyeing.


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