Long week is long.

I’m exhausted and it’s only Wednesday. Am in the midst of putting on our week-long composition mini-conference, and I am beat. More beat than I should be, really.

Played hard this weekend–went to an awesome wedding that looked out on the Chicago skyline, and went to a fabric store with most of my cohort. I’ll be making/edging curtains, a dressy work scarf and a tablecloth this weekend. Craft projects to take my mind off the wall of work.

Submitted another response paper to class and am now 3/8. Am still in love with the course, which is helping morale immensely on those days (like this week) where I’m spending upwards of 10 hours reading for class instead of exams. But I did manage to get through two more exam books, Cosmicomics and About a Mountain (Mom, you asked for reccs? You would love D’Agata). Still 2/3 of the way through Ulysses, just waiting for my exam group to get together and discuss before I plow through to the end.

And. I sent out a story this week (!!!). I do not know if it’s done, but it’s as done as I could make it, anyway. Now I’m gutting and reworking the next story on my list. I’ll hopefully send it out to a few readers w/in the next week.

So that’s all going well. What’s not? My damn health. I feel like I’m sick more often than well. Not crazy super sick, just constant sinus and throat trouble that flares up whenever I’m stressed (so, pretty much all the time). Currently I can’t swallow past the golf balls in my throat, but I’m disinclined to bother with a strep test because the last five times I’ve gone to get one, the doctor treats me like a hypochondriac: “Yes, your throat’s swollen. Yes, it looks very painful. Nope, there’s nothing we can do.” And of course when I’m feeling sick I sleep more (less reading/writing time) and don’t exercise. I feel miserable, mind and body, and I know that gym-time would help; technically I can totally run with a sore throat. But whenever I push it, my body punishes me and I end up sicker longer. Am so, so tired of this crappy cycle of poor health.

The only upside is that there’s no temptation to go out, see friends, spend $, play in the city, etc. All I want to do is curl up with a cuppa tea and an exam book (White Teeth, at moment. When I’m sick, I read the fun ones). Maybe I’ll even do more story revision this evening. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.

Although I do have zero groceries in the house. Perhaps I will STARVE TO DEATH before I feel well enough to brave the Jewel. Will that make you happy, body? WILL IT?? Going on a hunger strike until I feel better. Harumph.


One thought on “Long week is long.

  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better very soon, and that your body can get back into a cycle that lets it feel healthy much more of the time. It’s difficult to feel so much physical and mental stress–I’m sending a good burst of intellectual and cellular vigor your way!

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