So apparently for Halloween the group costume is Internet memes. My blog readership has fallen off alongside my blog writership (and deservedly so…I’m thrilled I managed to blog throughout Clarion but knew I’d get face-melted by this semester and exams. No surprise my blogging’s dropped off), but if anyone’s still out there, any ideas for EZmode Internet memes I could turn into a costume on the fly? Possibly Baby Landlord. Or the DoubleRainbow guy, genderswapped. I love the “will this be forever?” kid, but that might be a little too close to home after last summer’s dentalpacolypse. Maybe the 99% tumblr?

Good news: I got summer teaching! A comp class, which is less good than a lit class, but I am still absurdly happy. Been waiting three years for this. Thanks to my working for the comp office (a job I love, but still), I’ve only TA’d one lit class, and I’ve taught 0 writing workshops (since I lost the nonfic I was supposed to have this semester). I am a bit concerned about my one-note teaching record here. But I do like teaching comp, especially the second-semester research-paper version. It’s an 8-week class, and the pay will get me through the summer. I’ll miss visiting home and seeing the fam for those three months, but it’ll be lovely actually getting to have a summer in Chicago for once. And maybe I can get a plane ticket for May and convince my boss to let me do a little pickup editing, so I can justify a trip home to visit Grandma, my brother, and los padres (if they’re home from globetrotting yet…).

In keeping with the Internet-y theme of this post, there’s also this random Internet link a friend posted via the FB today:

Why You Should Keep Your Goals Secret

This is a thing I have been feeling for awhile now. Have not vetted the sources on this or nuffin, but I definitely find myself accomplishing more when it’s just me and my brain and my own ambition. The second I crow about something, or publish my list to this blog, I then proceed to not do the things I’d planned. So, new rule: no blogging my To Do list, only my Have Done list. With happy strikethroughs through what all I’ve “accomplished,” however small. Getting milk, for example.

Finished White Teeth
Read more Ulysses (alllllmost done)
Read 70 pages of WBM homework and took copious notes for this weekend’s paper
Caught up with brother
Lunch with Sacha
Bought bus tix to visit Rhin
Got milk
Prepped activity for comp class tomorrow



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