Ego protection, hating everything.

Well, this is going to be a fun year.

Read back through previous posts, and the downside of using one’s blog like a journal is then you get to psychoanalyze yourself. Apparently I am so terrified of Mondays that I’ve taken to writing long puffer-fish posts blowing up my ego to the largest size possible before the inevitable deflation. I’m talking myself out of quitting, before the axe has even fallen. I’m going to try to STFU on Mondays, since I’ll only have the one topic to write about on those days, and I’m already boring myself with the every-other-week fear.

In other news, repairmen are opening a giant hole in my bedroom as I type.

The ceiling only leaks when the radiators come on. The radiators only come on when the temperature is in the high 40s/low 50s. Chicago will be high 50s/60s all week. This means that I get to have a giant hole in my ceiling for four weeks again. Yaaaaaaay!

Ceiling hole, with fan.

The process last time: 1) they check on leak. 2) they cut small hole in ceiling. 3) they return a week later to cut large hole in ceiling. 4) they have me watch the pipe to figure out where the leak is (hence the problem w/ the radiators not coming on. I can’t see the drip if they’re off). 5) I mark the leak. 6) they come back a week later to fix the leak. 7) and eventually to patch the ceiling. 8 ) and eventually to paint.

The whole process took almost a month last time, all told. So it will be Thanksgiving before this is done. And it’s unbelievably messy–I’m still finding plaster dust from last time inside my files and books. This time, at least I knew to prepare: all the furniture but the bed and one shelf are moved into the kitchen, and the apartment is swathed in plastic so that plaster dust doesn’t get into everything.

Actual quote just overheard: “Why is the fan moving? Is there something electrical up there? Maybe I’ll try going this way…” Followed by the sound of more falling debris as they pull down the ceiling in a different direction.

Debris, plus plastic-covered furniture.

My god, I am liveblogging the destruction of my apartment.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain; at least things do get fixed eventually. But it makes me want to move as soon as possible. This year, there’ll be no Clarion in the summer, and hopefully I’ll have time to apartment hunt. Sigh. I like so much about this place, but the constant repairs have about pushed me over the edge. Oh, and did I mention that they show up at 9am? Oof.

Perhaps I will go to a coffeeshop and grade, since it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting anything accomplished here today.


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