Halloween got all messed up this year. Sacha threw an awesome party, but we did not get our themed group costume together in time. Last year, we were all Arrested Development. This year we threw around a bunch of ideas (Jem, internet memes), but nothing came together. I thought we’d settled on internet memes, but then one of the two people fronting that idea had her costume (Hipster Ariel) fail to ship. She pulled together a fabulous Rick Astley and rickrolled everyone, while the other meme-guy went as Come at Me, Bro. He brought a giant frame with the words “Come at me bro” at the bottom, and everyone stuck their heads through the frame and made fightin’ faces. The pictures, they are fabulous. But basically no one knew until the 11th hour what all we were going to be.

So…ummm…I have no defense for my costume choice. I mean, my excuses at the time included “Sacha hates puns. She will hate this costume. It’s worth it just to watch her wince,” and “Ugh, I have no money, and I don’t want to spend a ton of $ on a costume I’ll wear for two hours,” and “This is so last minute! How am I supposed to throw something together in 24 hours?” and “All the internet things I like are too obscure. Eff.” They are all excuses. I admit it, I was just entertained by the punniness.

So I printed up a large version of this, with the alt-text printed beneath it, and wore it as a sign on a ribbon around my neck. That was the only real clue. I bought some very cheap plastic weapons (battle axe, scythe) at Target. And I cut up some bright remnants and safety pinned them to a shirt. It looked like this:

You have no idea either, huh? Only four people figured it out. Sacha took 15 minutes, and then the eye-rolling commenced.

Yup, I was an internet flame war for Halloween. I AM A GIANT DORK. But then I took the weapons off because they kept slipping, and Mary and her husband showed up as Mrs. O’Leary and her cow, and I morphed into the Chicago fire, and everything was okay.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


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