Why so slow?

Since I am now only listing things I have actually done: as of today, Nov. 1, I have TWO stories out in the world seeking homes. My goal remains to keep three stories out on the market at all times. And. And. I’m really proud of these two stories, you guys. I wrote them both for Dr. Grimes’ fiction workshop last spring, and one of them got me into Clarion. Am taking Kij Johnson’s advice and starting at the top of the genre pubs and working my way down through the ranks, which will probably take at least a year (accumulating rejections: a longer process than I’d imagined, aye? Three-month-long queues, what). Or forever, if I can keep getting out a story a month. Twelve a year? That’d be four times my usual annual output. I’d love to do better than that (I NEED to do better than that), but revision is a painstaking process for me. First I have to break a story so badly I think it’s ruined forever, and then I glue it back together until it’s a story-shaped object again. Cthulhu = 12 drafts. Enemy = 10. Each draft is running 2-5 days of poking, picking, knitting. At least I’m carving out an hour here, an hour there, and that time stitched together has gotten me two polished stories, both in MUCH better shape than their original drafty form. One more pre-Clarion story to wrangle, and then I’m on to Clarion revisions. Eek! They scare me. But yeah. Baby steps, little goals. The fact I’m getting anything creative done during exam year makes me happy. I am so envious of all the NaNoWriMo posts popping up all over the Internet. While you are all writing novels? I’ll be over here, veerrrrrrryyyyy sllloooooowwwllllyyy revising yet another 1,500 word bit of fluff. My word count, it will forever be smaller than yours. Perhaps I should buy a large truck to compensate?


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