Praying mantis.

Today, walking back to my office from a mediocre teaching day (too little time to run the complete exercise I’d planned), I saw a praying mantis.
Those things are the most badass-looking bugs ever. It was enormous, long as my palm, brown and electric green. And it was walking stately like down the center of a main thoroghfare through campus. So I stopped and gawked at a place that also diverted traffic around the mantis. People kept peeking over my shoulder to see what I was staring at. A huge awesome bug, that’s what I’m staring at. You should stop and stare, too.
The mantis made it to the edge of the sidewalk, at which point I abandoned it to the wilds of the manicured campus lawn and headed up the sidewalk and on to my 20th story office.
But it briefly made my day, that bug encounter. What is it about run-ins with the natural world that just does it for me? Double rainbows out the window on the L. Giant blue butterflies landing on the windshield. A big ole mantis.
I wish I could’ve seen it devour another bug. Don’t they eat their husbands or something? That’s a thing, right?


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