Give me this night my nightly sleep.

I hate my apartment. I have hated my apartment for a while now, and have been avoiding admitting that I hate my apartment, because I also hate moving, and admitting that I hate my apartment is tantamount to admitting that yes, I DO need to go through the moving process all over again, and soon. Ugh.
The repairwork on the ceiling is finally done, two weeks later, which is faster than last time–I can actually take down plastic and clean this weekend.
But I can’t even be grateful that’s over with, because, like all repairs done on this apartment, they fix the problem by creating a new, worse problem. Like when the toilet decided to randomly overflow, and the fix reduced the water pressure to the point where the toilet barely flushes. Or this time, where fixing the leaky pipes in the ceiling now means that every time the heat turns on, the pipes sound like a guy with a hammer is trying to cave them in. I woke up three times last night, and it’ll only get worse as the temperature drops. Last winter I slept in earplugs–bad (ear infections, missed alarms), but liveable. Since the repair, the noise CUTS THROUGH EARPLUGS it’s so much worse.
Then there’s the storm windows. Our second-floor apartment is a sauna, but the radiators are marginally quieter when they’re turned on, so I leave them on when I can stand the heat. That often means opening a window, especially if I use the oven (which triples the heat). Today, I received the 8th (yup, 8th) angry email from my landlord asking if I understood how storm windows work.
The condescension is what gets me more than anything. Yes, dude, I’m as sorry as you are that I can’t afford an apartment in a newer building. I would love to have made life choices that mean I can afford an apartment with working plumbing, one with a heating system that doesn’t prevent me from getting a sound night’s sleep eight months of the year.
I really need to just move, but getting out of my lease requires finding some poor sucker to take over the contract. So I would have to lie in order to inflict my apartment–wherein the sink doesn’t drain, the toilet has no water pressure, the shower randomly spikes boiling hot, and the ceiling pipes have broken twice in two years…the list goes on–on some other schmoe. Adding to the black humor of the situation, long before I moved in, I asked the landlord about both the heating system (is it loud) and the shower (does it have water pressure; does it drain).
HATE HATE HATE. I don’t know which is the worse idea: trying to find a replacement tenant and moving during exam year, or attempting to take exams after not sleeping for six months.
I have thus far restrained myself from sending a snarky reply re: the storm windows, but I’m close to a breaking point. And I can’t even block the endless barrage of emails for fear I’ll miss out on a crucial one, say about a missing rent check or something. No, I have not withheld or reduced rent payments, or ever sent rent late, but maybe I should? I just don’t want my credit rating to suffer.
I have a brutal headache from sleep-dep and a paper to revise this weekend. I am completely at a loss as to what I should do; it’s been bad for so long…I would’ve moved this summer but for Clarion. Sigh. I miss having a clean apartment and a shower that works. And sleep sweet sleep.
And yes, I could go the legal route of looking for tenant-protection services, but given the level of stress I’m under with exams, just moving, or tolerating the damn place (and bitching a lot) for another six months, seem like more viable options.
In all fairness, several other people I know live in the building and have had fewer problems, and better dealings with the landlord. Maybe our interpersonal styles just clash. And my apartment appears to be extra-cursed.


2 thoughts on “Give me this night my nightly sleep.

  1. Wow, I can’t even imagine. But if it makes you feel better, I saw someone in Starbucks seriously looking at an ad on craigslist for a third roommate to share a STUDIO APARTMENT. Probably for about what you’re paying for your place. I dunno if that helps, but it’s all I got. Hang in there! Things will get better, I promise.

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