So fluffy I want to die!

So I got to go to Midwest Furr Fest 2011 with the most excellent TimWhoIsAFox. It was spectacular fun–I got to catch up with friends, and then I got to dance, which is pretty much all I require in order to be made completely happy.

The con hotel was a 30 min. drive from our place, and by the time we got there, we only had 50 min. before the show Tim had invited us to attend. So we snarfed down a few plates of hotel buffet food, and it was Clarion redux (the cake? Was definitely Day 1), and then we went to a guitar-and-ukelele performance. And lo, what was the uke song played? Hilarious flashbacks to Scalzi rocking out in the common room.

Then we were supposed to wander around the con, but Tim’s wonderful husband Mark let slip that he was going to a dance, and my little ears perked up. “Dance?” I said. “Can I go too? Do you have to be in costume? Will they play untz-y beats?”

This is where things get funny. I’m on the dance floor with Mark, who’s in full costume, when he gets escorted out by six people in soldier outfits. I was convinced I’d somehow gotten him in trouble, him dancing with a norm and all. But no, apparently there was a comedy show going on in the next room over, and the soldiers were part of the act–they’d been sent to the dancehall to grab the nearest guy in costume and haul him in, to participate (involuntarily) in a sketch. So Tim went racing off to make sure Mark was okay.

Which is how I totally lost my chaperones at a furrycon.

They eventually came back, and Tim explained what had happened, and I stopped panicking and danced til midnight, whereupon I turned into a pumpkin. Thanks, Mark and Tim. A lovely time was had by all, and I’m glad Mark wasn’t actually arrested!


One thought on “So fluffy I want to die!

  1. We had a terrific time and I’m so happy you did too! The dance was really a story to be told and re-told in coming years. 🙂 Thank you guys again for coming out to the hotel–was so good to see you!

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