Disorder, ordered.

Yesterday Jim and I bought wood and built an extra shelf in preparation for the deluge of exam books I have incoming. Hopefully this will be the final round of things to read for PhD school before I begin actively writing stuff.

Exam books.

The top shelf is experimental fiction, the middle is history of nonfiction, and the bottom is the neoliberalism and misery memoir paper.  Then there are two other bookshelves, one of which has a full shelf of library books related to these lists.  I’ve read about 3/4 of this bookshelf, but I have yet to hit the library books.  Task for Winter Break!

And here’s the new bookshelf:

New shelf. Very necessary.

Tragically, the new shelf contains most of my SF and fantasy, since I’m pretty much on hiatus from reading Anything Fun until after March, when I will hopefully have passed my exams.  At which point I will read All the Fun Books, and life will look much brighter.  I love that the new shelf is already full.  This cleared off two other, more accessible shelves for me to put the remainder of the incoming exam books (I finally buckled down and put in two more small Amazon and B&N orders for the last of the books I 1) couldn’t find at the library or 2) knew I’d need to dogear and scribble all over.

The bookshelf cost $10 to make, all told.  Not pretty, but it does the job.  Now I must go and:

h/t hyperbole and a half


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