Mad hatter.

Tuesday.  Wow, that was a great day.  Woke up to a wall of blog comments and emails about my DSF story.  Spent the day meeting new writerly/readerly people via the Internet, drafting a new story, revising a few old ones, generally just sharing the love all around.  I did almost nothing related to school all day.  Tuesday was the kind of day that almost never happens, when I get to wear only one hat.  Usually I am wearing four or five on any given day.

The previous week, last week of classes at my univ. (before finals), I’d mostly worn this hat:

Teacher hat.

I love teaching, I do, but toward the end of the semester, you turn into a combination cowgirl (email wrangling) and grading automaton (which will drive anyone to drink). I love my teacher hat most days, but panicked students in crisis mode trying to save themselves after blowing off homework and final papers?  It’s cat herding of the worst sort.  And the panicky emails are heartbreaking, nevermind time consuming.  I do not like this particular hat.

I also work for the composition office, in an administrivial capacity.  Yesterday we held our end-of-year festivities, which involved exchanging gifts (I received a bottle of Bailey’s om nom nom) and going out to a lovely meal, whereupon we argued Marxism, aesthetic theory, and practical pedagogy for three hours.  I love my comp office people.  With them, I get to wear:

Grad student hat.

But Tuesday, oh sweet Tuesday?  (I apostrophize.)  I got to wear my favorite hat all day long:

Writer hat.


Yes, it’s a fez.

Because: “Fezzes are cool.”     ~the Eleventh Doctor


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