What’s even better than a large quantity of rocket dragons?  Actual reader comments on a story. Thanks to everyone who posted on my rocket dragon post below, and to those people who left comments on DSF’s Facebook page, too.  What an incredible time to be a writer, when it’s possible to receive instant feedback on one’s work, for good or bad.  Feedback can only serve to make the next piece better faster stronger moar.

In yet another happy result of the DSF pub, I made the Internet acquaintance of the wonderful author Erin M. Harsthorn, who reviewed my story as part of her ongoing (and fabulous) overview of women speculative fiction authors.  I love this series, and I’m honored to be included in the list.  Check out her blog, too–including pictures of the SF/fantasy-friendly quilt she’s stitching for her son…overlapping interests FTW.  Erin’s been pubbed by DSF multiple times; you can find her most recent story here.

Now to get some last-minute holiday errand-running done…


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