More details at 10, but…

Woke up this morning to an email from the DSF editors–apparently someone contacted them about reading my story on a podcast.  So I fired off an email to the podcast folks (it looks like a nice little outfit–SF-centric, been around a while, good listener base) and we’ll see if anything comes of it.  I will post more details if everything works out.

I am testing, you see, to see if premature blogging jinxes things, as I understand it is wont to do.  I know some people avoid announcing sales, etc., in case the thing in question falls through.  But I am too excitable, and I too thoroughly enjoy being squee-happy in a public forum.  Mostly I’m just amazed at DSF’s reach. Echoes keep bouncing back new opportunities.  I felt this way about the Brevity pub when it went out, too, although I was lackluster on followthrough, in part because the pub came out right as I was gearing up for Clarion…sigh.  Gonna do better this time.

Oy, so much writing to do today, and then a holiday-birthday party later this evening.  At least the day began with good news.



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