An open letter to Kij Johnson.

Dear most brilliant and fabulous Kij,

In the last week of Clarion, you set me a challenge.  Despite PhD exams, despite my inability to release stories from the clutches of my grubby little hands, you told me:  “Keep three things on the market at all times.  Just do it.  No excuses.”  Okay, so it took me awhile (erm, from August til now, if you’re counting).  I had to revise, and revisions took a billion times longer than I’d expected, and then I had to hate everything I wrote for a while, which was very time consuming?  Also, I submitted a few things to contests, which I refuse to count because contests do not equal markets.  But.  But but.  As of today, Dec. 18, I have three stories out (plus a short that’s still at a contest).  And I’m within a week’s worth of revision passes on a fourth story.  Sure, the second the rejections come rolling in, I’ll be on the treadmill of write/revise/write/revise trying to KEEP three things out there.  But.  I totally owe you multiple Scotches/beers/teas/drinks of your choice the next time we have a con in common.  Thank you for being an inspiration, and for kicking my lazy butt.



PS. Kij’s Asimov’s story “The Man Who Bridged the Mist” just got picked up for yet another Year’s Best anthology.  I still kind of can’t believe I got to meet her in person, let alone spend two weeks getting to hear her frighteningly incisive story critiques…

Oh, author crushes.   * swoons *


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