Are you going to the airport?

So I commute by train from my apartment to school, a 35 min. (ish) trip as long as the trains run on time.  I also need to cart a megaton of books back and forth.  For a semester I even used one of these:

My back was forever aching from the wall of Norton Critical anthologies I had to lug, because I was TAing a survey course.  My friends made merciless fun of me and my wheelie bag.  But now, I have a better solution.

Yesterday I spent eight.straight.hours. sewing with two of my girlfriends.  We ate fresh baked bread with jam and sharp cheddar, took coffee-n-gab breaks, but mostly sewed and sewed.  Gina was in full teacher mode, and it was awesome: I learned how to make a gusset (so neat!) and practiced easing a bunch more times.  I started learning how to put in zippers, but the zipper foot we bought didn’t fit my machine, so Gina had to do the final install on hers.  Still, I learned a ton, and now I have a mammoth tote bag for school this semester.

Not the best picture, I know, but you can see how spacious it is.  And I adore the fabric.  The curlicues are more blue in real life.  I was originally intending to use a lovely cream fabric with small pink flowers, but my little tan purse takes quite a beating in daily use (it gets dirty so easily), and the cream  didn’t seem like a smart plan for the exterior of a heavy-use bag.  I’m saving the cream for a later project–possibly a skirt or short summer dress.

The best part’s the interior.

The sling shape makes it really difficult to take pictures, but you can see the interior zipper, which attaches to a deep inner pocket in a red/pink paisley-ish fabric.  Then there are two additional pockets that match the external fabric.  It came out better than I’d even imagined, and it’s deep enough to hold all the books in the world.

Today, I must read and read and read and revise, to catch up from yesterday’s playing hookey.  But it was totally worth it.


3 thoughts on “Are you going to the airport?

  1. Yay, you’re all done! It looks awesome! I *love* mine – it’s so roomy and sturdy, and I even think the strap is comfortable. I tried to look up the zipper foot thing, and I’m going to get a different kind so we can try it the next time we sew. Every seamstress should have a zipper foot! I use mine all the time, and not just for zippers.

  2. I’m not TAing a survey course this semester, so I get to have a normal bag like a normal person. I’ll still be schlepping exam books, but hopefully not in quantity. I’ll probably resort to the suitcase when it comes time to return all the library books I’ve borrowed for exams, though…

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