It’s the final countdown.  I meet with my adviser on Tuesday to complete the paperwork that starts the exam process.  At which point, I AM taking them, ready or not.  This is great news, since I’ve watched way too many people get hung up at the “you’re not ready; let’s postpone a semester” stage.  I just want the right to fail on time, thankyouverymuch.  But I don’t plan to fail.

Had a massive breakthrough on my paper last week, which has shifted the whole project, and now I’m scrambling to figure out double-rainbow style “what does it meeeeean??”  I have some decisions to make.  That said, I also have the whole arc of the paper in my head, and over half of it down on paper, and that half mostly needs restructuring not cutting, which is a HUGE leap from my earlier draft submissions.  But yeah.  This week, I went from “oh god, how will I ever get this done,” to “oh.   There is an argument here, and it makes sense.  All I have to do is write it down.”  I’ve been giddy and thrilled since Tuesday (when all the pieces slotted into place).  Now I just have to not make everyone around me crazy with my rapturous joy, since many of them are still in the thick of it.  But several people in my year also had great meetings this week, or have their meetings upcoming, and a grad school friend got a new pub this week,  and altogether things are right shiny.

I have less than two months until I take exams, so things may be a bit quieter on the blog from now til March.  Wish me luck!


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