When life gets you down, take goofy black and white photos.

It has been an alarming week of exam-related setbacks.  Thankfully, malaise was offset by my truly spectacular friends: I spent most of yesterday running around the city with people I adore.

A poet-friend in the program threw a costume party, and someone started up a round of the Terrible Author Photo game, wherein we all pose wearing Very Serious expressions for the black-and-white photos that will appear on our book flaps if (when!) we ever get published.  Things I have learned:

1) I am incapable of keeping a straight face.

2) Jim is only marginally better at straight-face-keeping — do not be fooled by his thoughtful stare-into-space schtick; this was his 4th attempt!

3) Everything looks less dippy in black and white.

Now to pass these blasted exams so I can get back to writing some books to go with the terrible author photos!


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