Overshare undershare.

Two opinions on the how-dost-thou-blog conversation:

Kat Howard errs toward the undershare.

Ferrett Steinmetz, the overshare.

My unsolicited opinion:  Well, of course I trend toward the overshare, and for similar reasons as Ferrett.  I will say I try to hedge my bets by not laying absolutely everything on the table all the time; I’ve definitely not posted entries that I felt, a day later, were just over-the-top bitter or negative or complainy or catty or snarky or whathaveyou.

But.  The blogs I frequent most frequently, what do they have in common?  The Real Person on the Screen effect.  Which to me is synchronous with oversharing, putting oneself out there, defending unpopular opinions, interacting with commenters (even those who disagree).  I like watching the messiness unspool.  No surprise there–I was a flame war for Halloween for a reason.  I want to keep the sort of blog I love to read.  Which means the occasional unduly honest post about love life or writing life or unending illness. I too hate how the brightsidedness of author self-promotion only allows us to talk about writing when it’s going well.  It’s unduly demoralizing when you’re in the rejection trenches.

Once exams are over, I do believe I’m going to start doing monthly State of Submissions posts, because I so appreciate it when other people do them–they’ve gotten me out of several slumps of hopelessness.  Oh, the I-am-not-aloneness of it all.



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