I get reviewed.

Diabolical Plots writes short and sweet reviews for all of Daily SF’s stories, and December (the month when “Substitution” appeared) just came out today.  Check it out!

My delight at being reviewed is even more of a prod to get cracking on the three (!) reviews I owe other people.  I finished reading the last of the three books late last night, so I can finally start drafting (two of the books are in the same tradition, and I hope to write up an interlocked dual review…eh, I’m making it needlessly complicated, as usual.  We’ll see how they come out in the end.).  One of the reviews looks like it’s already found a good home, though, so that’s exciting.

Life post-exams is busier than I’d imagined.  I’m meeting with two of the faculty who stood on my exam committee over the next few days, to ask their advice as I revise up my exam papers for submittal to critical journals.  My to-do list is inordinately long.

But hey, at least I made it to the dentist yesterday.  No cavities!  It’s pathetic how happy this makes me.


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