Pre-Chicon & Wit Rabbit.

Getting excited for Chicon.  Becky, awesome Narwolf roommate and SF writer extraordinaire, comes into town Thursday.  I am irrationally excited to see her.

I plan to spend as much time at the con as I possibly can; I’m preparing a large batch of a portable meal in advance so I can take a  lunchbox to the hotel and hopefully save some monies.  My one fear is that, like AWP, I will wind up inadvertently spending a small fortune on food and booze, since both the hotel and the Loop in general are expensive. I definitely want to make it to Narwolf panels (several Clarionauts from my year are on various panels, and I want to catch as many as I can), and then there’s a shortlist of authors whose work I love and whom I’d love to meet in person, if I can pull it off.

I’ve never done the con thing before, and it seems terribly intimidating, and also much like the academic conferences I’ve been going to for years.  Comicon was utter overwhelming INSANITY, though, and if Chicon’s at all like that, my mild terror will be justified.

James couldn’t get much time off work, so he’ll likely only be around Saturday, which is a pity—I’d been looking forward to us doing this together, but since we just got back from a week-long trip to NY to visit his fam, there was no way to get more time for conventioning.  At least we won’t miss the Hugo ceremony.

And somewhere in the midst of all that school starts.  I’m teaching introduction to nonfiction prose and a section of my SF-themed composition course, both of which should be fantastic.  Oh, and I’m also giving a reading:

It’s going to be a madcap few weeks.  I can’t wait!