Fatal bargain.

I made a pact with myself when I passed exams back in April.  “Get ten submissions out on the market, self, and then start drafting your dissertation.”  For those of you who read slush, this probably seems like a terrible idea.  It’s all too easy to fire off ten lousy, incomplete submissions just to get those documents off your harddrive and into the ‘net-verse: Ugly orphans seek loving lit mag parentage for one-time appearance and permanent archiving.  Except I desperately wanted to postpone starting (really, revisiting…I have 150 pages of random scenes) the redraft process on my diss.  I’ve definitely dragged my heels subbing stuffs.  The subs I have out in the world right now are…well, I kept revising them as long as I possibly could, to within an inch of their lives, in some cases.  I think they’re solid subs.  They were ready to leave the nest, anyway.  This was not a rush job.  No fear, slushers.

Oh and hey, exciting news:  New acceptance!  My flash story, “What We Can’t Reach,” will be coming to a Monkeybicycle near you at a soon-to-be-determined date, which I will announce as soon as I hear details.  I am ecstatic, as I adore the work they pick up.  If you have not yet checked them out, prepare yourself for fabulistness.  Other happy recent developments: good friend and purveyor of quality snark over at the Saskatchewan Review, Ms. Sushi had a piece picked up (one of my very favorites) at Alice Blue, and poet-friend Brianna has work up at Blackbird.  I’m surrounded by people writing interesting, smart things.  My adolescent self wouldn’t believe how cool her life turns out to be.
But back to evil pact with self: Now I’m stuck for it.  As of this morning, I have ten things floating out in the ether, and therefore I must begin outlining and plotting through the Messy Behemoth That Time Forgot.  While accruing the inevitable 9quintillion rejections that come from having so many subs out.  Anyone want to take bets on how long it’ll take me to hit the trifecta of three rejects in one day?  I give it a month, tops.

Let the rejection flood commence!  Dissertation drafting in 3….2….1….


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